Vote for Aquaterra in the Virgin Media VOOM competition

We have entered the VOOM competition to win a share of £1m in prize money, and to pitch to Richard Branson for other fantastic opportunities for our charity.

Every vote we get would help us take a step further in the competition, and potentially lead to funding that will allow us to achieve some of our future goals.

Click here to learn more and to vote.

Aquaterra hope to…


  • Renovate outbuildings around our new centre for the use of local charities for families with autistic children. and building on the range of local charities we are partnered with to create a truly inclusive ‘community village’
  • Promote all our on-going adult heath programmes in order to attract more referrals (from both GPs and self-referrers) and reach more people who can be helped.
  • Widen the range of participation in sport and fitness for those with mental and physical barriers in our community, and celebrate this with an Annual Inclusive Olympic games.
  • Improve our private kids’ parties in our Soft Play venues to make them more modern, interactive and memorable and improve private parties as an income generator. We want to promote the idea that active play is vital to children’s health and well being.

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