Lord Mayor opens our new sensory room at Activus Worthing

The Activus soft play centre in Worthing has opening an entirely refurbished Magical Sensory Room to serve local people with learning disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as neuro-typical babies under two years old.

The Magical Sensory Room was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Worthing at on the 8th of July. Local parents and little ones enjoyed exploring the new facilities.

The sensory room features bubble tubes, infinity mirrors, projectors and many more tools to allow users to create their own unique sensory environments. The room has also been fitted with a hi-tech ‘magic carpet’ interactive floor projection, which is the first of its kind in the local area.

The practice of using sensory rooms as therapy for certain conditions was developed in the Netherlands in the 1970s. The therapy is known as Snoezelen from the Dutch ‘snuffelen’ (to explore) and ‘doezelen’ (to doze or snooze), reflecting the idea that the environment can be controlled to be stimulating or soothing depending on the needs of the user.

Eve Hepworth, centre manager said: “I’m really grateful for the generous donations from Worthing County Council, Big Lottery Fund and Middlesex Community Foundation which have made it possible for us to improve these facilities. Our old sensory room was already a favourite with some customers, but we’ve been able to add so much more.

“As we’re run by a charity, we want to be able to serve as many people as possible in the community. I am excited for the additional needs and dementia groups we’re working with to see the new facilities, as well as for families with babies whose early learning is helped by the sensory equipment. Bring it on!”

sensory room opening

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