Donate to our Cancer Survivorship Programme in Keynsham


Aquaterra are raising funds to bring the popular Cancer Survivorship Programme to Keynsham. The programme will be run from our newest leisure site, Somerdale Pavilion.

The Cancer Survivorship Programme is a brilliant 12-week course, which aims to get those who have recently suffered from cancer or are going through treatment, motivated and back on their feet again.  Run by friendly and informative instructors, our cancer project is a caring and safe environment, where people participate in gentle group exercise classes and are also able to voice any worries they might have.

After just one year of being in place elsewhere in the UK, our Programme achieved fantastic results:

89% of participants have improved energy levels.

87% of participants have changed their lifestyle and will continue to do so.

92% of participants have improved confidence and enhanced sense of well-being.

96% of participants have described the programme as excellent.

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Check out what our attendees had to say:

Taj: The Program has allowed me to regain my fitness levels, which has impacted on my self-confidence and mental wellbeing.  The best thing about the Program was that I was able to run the Bath Half Marathon 2014 – my time was slower than previous years, but I finished it. At the start of the Program it was well beyond my reach or expectations.  Undoubtedly, I would recommend the Program – it was a major part of my recovery and getting me physically active again!

Sarah: During my time on the Program, I really enjoyed learning to do Nordic Walking with a small group of fellow participants. Recovery from chemotherapy can take a while and depletes emotional energy – therefore, it was very helpful to learn something new, have some exercise and enjoy the social aspect of interacting in a small group.  The program facilitated me doing regular exercise and this is now an integral part of my life style.

It’s important to remember, cancer doesn’t always mean the end of an active, healthy and happy life.  For many, there IS life after cancer and it’s through programmes like ours that people can discover just how much they CAN achieve.

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