Holiday Programme

Activus becomes even more action-packed in school holidays...

Our Holiday Programme

Here at Activus we believe in fun and fitness so our holiday program is jam packed with games, activities and supervised sessions, all aimed at getting children and their families interacting with each other. We have all sorts of opportunities from taking 5 minutes out in our read corner, to taking part in races and challenges.

Some of our sessions are free, which means you only pay the standard entrance fee and you have the opportunity to join in the fun while you are their. Others have a small fee, like face painting or smoothie making. Some of our sessions are supervised by our qualified, caring and passionate staff. These sessions have a higher cost but allow you to take time out for yourself, which is especially important during the busy holiday periods.

Our holiday offering changes depending on the season, so make sure you check back regularly to see what new things we have to do. We value feedback from children and parents equally, so if there isa session you or your children particularly like then let us know so we can offer it again. Equally if you have any suggestions for improvements, or activities you or your child would like to take part in we would love to hear from you.