Delicious drinks, snacks and meals for kids and grownups alike...

Scrambles Café

At our Scrambles café we offer the traditional children’s meals of chicken nuggets, fish fingers, sausages and chips and jacket potatoes, and we are proud to stock Rollover hotdogs, which are some of the best quality you can find (as well as produced locally here in Slough!). However we also offer Samosa’s, kiddies pizza’s, sandwiches with fresh fillings and extra bites.

All of our food is cooked to order, so we ensure it’s the freshest it can be, but please do allow a little extra time for this, as our staff put a lot of love into the food they make! We have Nespresso coffee, and a range of herbal teas, we stock a variety of healthy children’s snacks, and high quality children’s drinks. Our slushy machine is stocked by an ethical company who ensure the contents are free from Azo-dye colours and are only made with real fruit and natural flavours. Our cafe is not just for eating in! We have a range of ride on toys and vending machines to keep the kids entertained, and during the holidays you’ll find all sorts of extras from face painting to fruit tasting and lots in between!