Our Team

Working together to make an impact

We are passionate about the people we employ and the people who work alongside us.

Working with us, you are gaining a reliable partner with a strong history in the field of leisure collaborations. Our charitable status allows us to be versatile in raising money, tax efficiency and using surplus funds to deliver effective programmes tailored to your local community.

Our commitment to excellence, efficiency and innovation continues to earn us many highly-respected industry awards.


Aquaterra is a registered charity and non-profit company. Its board members are unpaid volunteers acting as Trustees for the charity and directors of the non-profit company.

Our trustees come from a variety of different backgrounds and are responsible for setting the strategic direction of Aquaterra, ensuring that it fulfils its charitable objectives and also for appointing the CEO.


Neil Best, Chairman

Neil has enjoyed an impressive career as a consultant working in physical and social regeneration for almost 20 years with local and central government, small businesses, community and voluntary organisations and charities. He has worked across London and was Programme Performance Director for the EC1 New Deal for Communities programme. Neil has a degree from the University of Liverpool where he studied Sport Sociology and he has a passionate commitment to creating equality of access to leisure facilities.


Paul St Hilaire

Paul is currently a solicitor at Capita. His experience in the insurance industry and in the past has primarily worked across commercial, corporate and information law sectors.  Paul is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and he contributes to professional publications.

We see our employees as our greatest asset.

We aim to attract and retain high calibre committed people and offer a variety of benefits to help us do this. In addition to annual leave and access to a pension scheme, we offer a number of core and flexible benefits.